Why Your School Needs an Online Presence

Businesses spend hefty amounts of sums to build websites and engage in digital marketing. The ultimate aim is to create brand awareness and attract new customers. Do academic institutions in Australia need to engage in the same tactics? Schools, for the most part, do not invest in digital marketing, at least not until recently. Most schools only have rudimentary web pages that are barely used or promoted. But as most aspects of modern lives move online, schools may be required to do so as well. Here are several reasons why your academic institution or school needs an online presence:

Online is Where Everyone Gets Their Information From

What’s that one thing the young students in your school is most likely to do? Go online to look up information or use social media websites. Nearly all information we have now comes from online sources. Therefore, academic institutions need to build great online portals for current and potential students and parents to get their information from. The portal would be the official source of information. It would be an important destination to offer accurate information about the school, upcoming events, or anything else. The school has control of delivering information over whatever ends up circulating on social media. These are some of the main reasons why it’s worthwhile to invest in a website designer for education Melbourne or any other metropolitan area.

Students are Heavily Involved in Social Media

Keep in mind that the young students at your school would be posting on Facebook, Tweeting, Instagramming, and Snapchatting all the time. Social media controls flow of information and kids are addicted to it. Therefore, the school must be engaged with students online to present, as mentioned above, accurate information if nothing else. It’s also a great way to quickly notify students of various events happening. It’s best if the school has its own social media accounts to prevent unofficial versions from popping up.

An Online Presence is Necessary to Attract New Students

Other than current students, don’t forget that prospective students would also be going online to find the best schools to suit them. Parents of these potentials students would be too. If rival schools in the area has an online presence and your school doesn’t, then it would create a hugely disadvantageous situation for your school in terms of marketing and promotion. Therefore, don’t lose your academy’s competitive edge. Become an online information portal and promote the school’s brand to attract the best students moving to the area.

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Offer Courses, News, and Other Material for Current Students

An online portal for a school is not a mere marketing tool. Online portals can act as its own news agency for school to provide parents and students with official updates regularly. It’s also a place where students can get access to online education material and courses that will keep them engaged with the school. The site could also make various material available to incoming or prospective students without the hassle of emailing.

Consider the above reasons carefully and spend money on creating a wonderful and engaging online presence for your school.