There’s nothing more adorable than baby clothes. It nearly leaves you awe-struck that we were all this tiny back in the day and were able to fit into such miniscule clothing. While the first thing that might grab your attention are the colorful combinations and adorable prints, there’s much more you should be looking at! Here’s everything you need to consider when shopping for baby clothes:

Choking Hazards

While decorative rhinestones and teensy buttons may look beyond cute on your little one, if it manages to be yanked loose it could be a serious choking hazard. Also, be careful of any tight sections of clothing around the arms or legs that can restrict blood flow. Any ties that pull tightly around the neck might also choke the little one so make sure to keep all these in mind when looking up kids clothing Australia.

Weight Over Age

When looking at sizes, brands usually label clothes according to age. However, this isn’t the safest size guide to follow because different brands tend to label according to different sizes so by going according to weight, you’ll have a more accurate pick. Usually the label lists out the weight measurements alongside ages.


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Another main thing to consider is how easily you can put it on or take it off. Babies tend to panic if they feel like their breathing is being constricted or when they can’t see their caregiver. So the clothes should ideally slip on and off without delay. To ensure you can do this, keep the next few tips in mind. Make sure tops have snaps/zippers at the neck or a wide neck in general. Sleeves would ideally be loose rather than skin-tight and having snaps at the crotch would make life considerably easier when it’s time to be changing diapers!


The last thing you want to do is to have to make time in your schedule and wash clothes by hand when you’ve so much on your plate! So make sure that your clothes are ‘machine washable’- it’ll be indicated on the label if so. Usually, 100% cotton materials are the best bet because they wash well while also being one of the most comfortable fabrics on the market.

Think Ahead

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It’s no secret that babies grow out of their clothes pretty fast. Sometimes a baby who’s two months old can grow out of a 3-month old baby’s clothes. So it’s better to think ahead and have a few clothes from 6-month and 1-year sizes to be fully prepared. Besides, your baby will definitely grow into them at some point. It’s also better not to buy seasonal clothes in advance because there’s a good chance your baby will outgrow them.

Fire-Safe Pyjamas

If you have any flame-resistant fabrics in your arsenal make sure to follow the label instructions carefully so that you don’t wash the retardant away.

These are the main tips you need to keep in mind when choosing your little one’s clothes!