Cowork In Style – What Premium Coworking Spaces Say About Your Business

To an observer, the coworking space can appear to be the 21st-century version of uber-cool office space. Many offices are designed with the free-thinking entrepreneur in mind simply because these offices typically have a few areas for work and collaboration and then have space for social interaction. Supped up versions of the modern coworking space usually has a café, a shower or changing rooms, and if really focused on the work-life balance, the space will include daycare for parents who are on-the-go.

Of course, depending on which area you work in Australia, the space’s features might vary, but each one speaks volumes about the members who join the space. Whether the furnishings and décor are modern or the space goes for a minimalist effect, these designs say a lot about the professionals who work in the space. More importantly, the coworking space speaks to your image, brand identity, and community.

Keep reading to learn more about how the space you work in can play a part in defining your business.

Project A Professional Image

When thinking about coworking, images of professionals working at stations or engaged in chatter come to mind. The space with which they work, however, is a great part of creating their business identity. Spaces that appear untidy and sparsely furnished with no consideration of the members who make up the community are might leave a negative impression on others.

Conversely, offices that are decorated keeping the professionals who comprise the space in mind convey a different message to clients. The landscape is such that professionals can choose from premium coworking locations across Australia – locations that can help define your company’s brand.

The standard coworking space is fitted out in some of the best locations in and around the country. Servcorp and a few other providers are housed in the finest buildings in CBDs around the country, which for your business, means that your office has a prestigious address that demands respect. You could hardly argue against paying lower overhead on premium office space.

Build Your Brand

While a building does not define your business, it can help create the aura that is a part of your business’s personality. Not to diminish brand identity, but when clients visit your building, the professionals who make up the space and the décor will contribute to their impression of your brand. Offices that are whimsically designed versus those that are formal keeping the corporate identity in mind all project an image to the community that speaks to others of their approach to business.  For this reason, it is not unheard of for professionals who belong to creative industries to surround themselves by an environment that conveys these ideas, and this goes for other professions as well.

Promote Your Community

Much of building a brand is about the community that it belongs to, and the coworking space can play a large role in developing this identity. The coworking space is the one place that will give you the foundation for developing style. For one, the space makes accessing the right sources easy, as many of the spaces comprise professionals from diverse industries. Then, there are numerous opportunities to meet others through networking events that can promote collaborative liaisons, which helps in providing more visibility for your business.  

Building Your Brand Through Presentation

There are many ways to project an image to the public and clients regarding your business’s image. While the space you work in does not necessarily define you, it can promote the brand you want to sell to the public. Coworking can be one way to use style to promote your brand.